Who should be teaching a student how to drive?

This is not one of those questions that have a fixed answer. If the student is still a child in your home, I would say that teaching him/her to drive will be a team effort.

Stalling during a funeral procession!

Parents as driving instructors

Parents tell hilarious stories of kids learning how to drive.

I heard such a funny story the other day. This lady was reliving her first driving experience on the day that she got her L-plates. Her mum took her for her first driving lesson, and as fate would have it, they ended up in a funeral procession! She was driving a manual car, and as the vehicles moved slowly towards the cemetery she stalled the car three times.

“By the end of that lesson, my mum had kicked off her shoes, and was stepping on imaginary breaks on the floor in front of the passenger seat! My t-shirt was soaked with sweat and my legs were shaking from holding the clutch in the whole time. When we got home, mum immediately called a driving instructor and the next week I started my lessons with him.”

She continued that during the tests, her mum and dad would be the ‘back-up’ instructors, just re-iterating what the instructor already taught her.

The ideal scenario for driving lessons

Parents as driving instructors

Parents are good backup driving instructors.

That is an ideal scenario in my opinion. Sometimes parents don’t understand that their child is struggling with something that has become second nature to them, and may become agitated with the youngster. This then contributes to the student becoming more nervous and possibly making more mistakes than he/she would normally make.

A driving instructor, on the other hand, knows and understands that driving may be a foreign ‘subject’ for the student and knows how to convey the knowledge that he/she will need to become a safe and responsible driver.

To remember when you help an L-Plater

If you as a parent want to assist your L-plater to pass his P-Plate assessment you have to remember that you must hold a valid driver’s licence for the class of the vehicle in which you are teaching your child to drive for at least 4 years and that the ‘L-Plate” is displayed at all times.  Be aware of the rules for novice drivers.

As an added value to you, you are welcome to download the How to Pass your Driving Assessment booklet from Southern Cross Driving School Website.

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