Learn how to drive after you got your L-plates – Call Southern Cross Driving School

If you want to learn how to drive after you got your L-plates, call Southern Cross Driving School for driving lessons. Renny Till provides lessons in Joondalup, Ballajura, Morley, Duncraig and surrounding areas.

Learn how to drive from a qualified driving instructor

If you want to learn how to drive, you have to get behind the steering wheel of a car and get proper instruction on how to do it.
We all had to start at the beginning. And the beginning came with a lot of instruction. We learnt from a variety of people, but often the main instructors were our parents and professional driving instructors.
If you read my post ‘How to get your L-plates in 6 easy steps’ and you actually have your L-plates, then you want to read this post.

Once you have your L-plates you have to learn how to drive.

As a learner driver, you have to complete a minimum of 50 supervised driving hours to get your provisional licence. 25 hours are needed before you go for your Practical Driving assessment. The other 25 hours (minimum, although I think more would be much better) must also be supervised driving over at least 6 months after you passed your PDA.

So, how do you choose a qualified driving instructor in the Joondalup, Ballajura, Morley, Duncraig and surrounding areas?

One thing to remember is that cheaper does not necessarily mean better. You want an instructor who teaches you what you have to know in order to have a safe and event free driving ‘career’. You also want to get someone who will be calm and in control during initial lessons.
This is what a driving school instructor should do: (So it is a good idea to ask whether he/she does indeed offer this.)
  • he/she should follow a planner training program
  • have structured lessons where she shows you what to do and explains it in such a way that you understand it, and let you practice at your own pace
  • give you feedback on how you are doing
  • provide you with  tips on how to correct your mistakes
  • give you homework and exercises to do when you are driving with other people
  • review your progress at the beginning and end of the lesson
  • record your lessons and learning on a progress report sheet

Choose your other supervising drivers carefully when you learn to drive

You have to be comfortable with the person who teaches you how to drive because you tend to make fewer mistakes and concentrate better when you are at ease. We all know that when we feel nervous we make more errors.
Now you know what your driving instructor must do, but what about the other people who can supervise you as well? It is very important that you know what is expected of them.
When you choose a supervising driver ask them the following (this will make you sound very intelligent as well):
  • Do you hold an instructor licence issued under the Motor Vehicle Drivers Instructors Act 1963 or
  • Are you an instructor in a youth driver education course that is conducted or supervised by the Department of Transport or
  • Have you had your motor vehicle licence for longer than four years? (Please remember that a person who has an automatic vehicle licence can not supervise you if you will be driving a manual vehicle.)
Usually, your parents would fall into the last category. Please ask them to visit the following website (http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/lice…) before they start helping you. It is important that they know the correct way that your driving school instructor will be teaching you, as getting contradictory information, especially when driving, can be very confusing to any learner driver.
I have been the owner/operator of Southern Cross Driving School for the past 9 years and have had many students achieve success with their PDA’s. You can click over to my Facebook Reviews to read what my previous driving students say.
Your success is important to me. Call me to learn how to drive. I will come and fetch you from your home or school and take you back home.