“When will I be ready to take the driving test?”

A student driver asked this question on an online forum recently, and the answers varied quite a bit.

The number of lessons offered as being ‘enough’ varied considerably. One said  that his parents refused to get in the car with him if he did not do at least three driving lessons. Another commented that she thought ten lessons of an hour each would be more than enough. The very next person said, “No way that ten hours will be enough.” Then there was the sage advice of, “…your instructor will know if you are ready or not if you feel unsure.”

Why get a driving instructor to pass the driving test

The commentators to the post listed the benefits of having a driving instructor:

– “A driving instructor knows the way you will be tested in, and will prepare you for the test.”

– “When you start driving with an instructor, you will learn safe driving habits.”

– “The instructor will teach you rules and control, as well as common sense and best practices.”

– “The instructor is essential for knowing what is in the test and giving you road knowledge which everyday people don’t really think of.”

– “I can highly recommend this:http://keys2drive.com.au/ as long as you get a good instructor. Research the driving school and get recommendations from friends.”

Our Fees and Packages

Southern Cross Driving School caters for all needs. Whether you want an hour before the test or if you feel that you would like between five and ten lessons I can assist you. The standard hourly rate is $60 per lesson and we offer packages starting at five lessons for $270 with a Free Keys 2 Drive Lesson included. Our value for money, ten lesson package ($535) is actually 11 lessons inclusive of the free K2D Lesson.

Accredited with Keys 2 Drive Program

Southern Cross Driving School is an accredited with the Keys2Drive Program. The Keys2Drive program aims to change the way learner drivers drive by changing the way they learn, thereby helping them to ‘find their own way’ to become a safer driver. During these lessons, participants get advice and information about how to practice and what to aim for. The overriding aim of the program is to help P-platers achieve the six month – zero harm target.

If you would like to book a driving lesson, or even purchase a voucher for your L-Plater at home, please call me at 0448866306 or complete the Contact us form and I will give you a call.