How to get your L-plates in 6 easy steps

Have you just turned sixteen and you want to get your L-plates?

It seems that most of the important stuff happens when you turn sixteen.
  • You can leave school, as long as you meet certain criteria.
  • You reach the age of consent. (Please make sure that you understand what you can consent to, and what not.)
  • You may have been earning (and saving) a salary for a year.
  • And, you can have your ears pierced without the consent of a parent/guardian.
You, however, have to wait until you are eighteen to have a mobile contract in your own name, can change your name, get a tattoo without the consent of a parent or guardian, get body piercings that are not in your ears and if you want to vote or make your own will.

One of the most important things that happen when you turn sixteen, is that you can apply for your L-plates for a car.

Think about it – you can start your journey to independence and you can get your ears pierced on the day you turn sixteen. (Ha-ha) Pity, though, that you have to wait another two years for all those other piercings that you are after. Might be a good thing because you will want to spend the money on investing in your vehicular independence first. 😉

6 Steps to getting your L-plates

If you are thinking of getting your L-plates, read this, to find out what steps are necessary for you to follow.
  1. Turn sixteen if you want to get a car learner’s permit.
  2. Download and complete the driver’s licence application.
  3. When you go to the driver and vehicle services centre to book your theory test, take the required identification documents with you.
  4. Sit the computerised theory test at a driver and vehicle services centre. You will have to pay for each theory test you take. It will help if you practice this test online. There are tools and resources available that you can use. Please be prepared, don’t waste your money by thinking that you will wing it. If you have a limited understanding of English or you have difficulty reading, you may be eligible to do this theory test orally. Your understanding must however not be so limited that you can not understand English at all. There will be a testing officer who will ask you 30 questions, and you must have at least 24 correct. If you do not understand English, please get a grip on that first.
  5. When you pay the application fee for your learner’s permit, they will test your eyes as well. If you wear glasses or contacts, please make sure that you disclose it, because your licence will have to contain that information. Go to… to read about the eye test, and see whether you meet the 6/12 requirement.
  6. If you have a medical condition, please declare it. If you have to have a medical assessment they will tell you.
After you have done all this and passed the theory test, take a second or two and CELEBRATE!Whoo-hoo, you’ve got your L-plates. The first step to independence.
Go get and pay for your learner guide and log book. Keep them safe. If they get lost you’ll have to pay again, and would have lost proof of your already supervised hours that you have driven.
You can now drive, whilst under supervision, and whilst displaying the yellow and black L-plate disk.

Get a qualified driving instructor – Call me (Rennie Till)

Now you need a qualified instructor to teach you how to drive, and that is when you call me. I have been doing this (teaching people just like you) for more than 9 years and have seen most of my students pass their provisional assessments.
Give me, Rennie Till, from Southern Cross Driving School, a ring, if you are in the Joondalup, Duncraig, Ballajura, Morley and surrounding areas and you want to learn how to drive. I’ll come and fetch you at home or school and take you back. My number is 0448 866 306.