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Don’t be that annoying driver

We all have pet hates that turn into apocalyptic events the moment that we get into our cars at the end of a hard day at the office. Whether you are a new, or a seasoned road user, please have a look at some of the things that you may do, that may upset your fellow road users.

1. Annoying drivers use indicators wrong

You know the utter frustration when someone indicated that they are going to turn only to not turn where they indicated they would and instead kept going straight, almost crashing into you? Indicators must be used correctly, and not as part of a light show. Use it in the right way, and no one should get hurt.

2. Driving in your lane

Driving school in Morley, Perth, WA

Southern Cross Driving school provides driving lessons in Morley, Perth, WA

You can only straddle a lane when you pass a cyclist to give them the required room. Otherwise, keep in your lane, or change lanes completely by using your indicators correctly.

3. Making it impossible for others to get out of their parking


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Southern Cross Driving School provides services in Duncraig, Perth, WA

Even if you are pretty impressive with your parallel parking skills,  please do not do it at the expense of other drivers. You may just be ‘awakening the force of the key-ing’ in another person. I do not know why it happens, but some people become transformers when they get into their vehicles, they become one with the metal and think that they are invincible. Do not tempt fate.


4. Keep to the speed limit.

Driving lessons in Marangaroo

Southern Cross Driving School provides lessons in Marangaroo

We all know the hazards of driving too fast, but driving too slow can also be a hazard, especially if you are doing it in the fast lane. This can be particularly dangerous when you drive on the freeways. If you are driving more than 20 km/h slower than the recommended speed, and there is no external reason, i.e. adverse conditions or traffic congestion, then you are endagering those around you.

5. Keep your following distance

Tailgating is like waving a cloth at an enraged bull. Just don’t do it. You know how you are sometimes lost in your own thoughts and you are not really aware of your surroundings when you drive? Well, it may just be the same scenario that is playing in front of you. Should this person suddenly break, the crash that results when you drive into him, will be your fault. Just back off, slow down, and pass on the other side.

6. Debris flying from your vehicle

So, you’ve done a weekend of muddy off-roading. Your ute is covered in dry mud and as you travel past an unsuspecting driver, a mud-cake flies off your mud-flaps and lands on his car, resulting in him having the fright of his life, trying to steer away from the projectile, and possibly causing an accident. Have a look at possible debris that may cause harm to other drivers, and get rid of it.

7. Keeping your foot on the brake and fuel

I’ve had it happen a few times – the person at the front of me have their foot on the brake, but is not actually breaking, so I do not know whether or not I am supposed to slow down or keep my speed. Drive or brake, but don’t do both simultaneously.

8. Not stopping properly at stop lights

Driving lessons in Mirrabooka

Southern Cross Driving School provides driving lessons in Mirrabooka

You see that white line? You are supposed to stop behind it. Not on it or over it. It is there to provide space for the pedestrians to cross the road.

9. Not passing in the fast lane

The left lane is usually for passing. If you want to pass another car and you can’t then rather slow down and drive behind the person.  I know that it may be super annoying to want to pass a person and it seems that he is picking up speed, just as you are about to pass him, but either pass him or get behind him.  Don’t keep up the pace and block the cars behind the two of you.

10. Crying wolf with your brakes

You know the story of crying wolf? A little boy ket calling the villagers  getting them to come running to his aid because they thought he saw a wolf, when in fact he did not.  Then, when there was in fact a wolf, no one believed him.

Constantly braking excessively without a real need for it, will result in people not ‘believing’ that it is necessary for them to do it, resulting in them possibly crashing into you from behind.

There you go, my contribution, apart from teaching learner drivers how to be safe and competent drivers, to keeping our roads safe.

It is important to me that my students know and understand their roles as prospective road users. I do not focus on passing the test only, I focus on making them safe and responsible road users. If you would like more information you are welcome to give me a call at 0448866306 or contact me by completing the form on my website.

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